Just a marvellous date picker

datedropper is a JS plugin developed down to the very last detail to offer you a date picker with fantastic ease of use and a marvelous design.

How it

Install datedropper on your site and initialize it on one or more elements. Your date inputs will no longer look so boring.

Use cases

Find out some common ways of using datedropper.

  • Online booking

    For hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation businesses which offer online bookings, datedropper can be used in any form requesting arrival and departure dates.

  • Travel modules

    On any site providing travel information, improve design and usability by using datedropper on the outward and return inputs.

  • Payment forms

    Add a touch of style for the most basic modules. Make your payment forms unique by using datedropper on the credit card expiration date input.

  • Date inputs

    Perfect for any other date input you can imagine, e.g. if you ask your users for their birthday, or you have a desired delivery date field on your e-commerce.


Thanks to its many options and features, datedropper allows you to customize every aspect of your date picker, from its language, date format and style to any other features.

  • Ease of use

    Typical date pickers are most likely poor looking and unpleasant to use. datedropper has been developed down to the very last detail to make its user experience fantastic.

  • Amazingly responsive

    datedropper has been designed mobile first to enhance date picker usability on smartphones and tablets. However, its calendar view makes it perfect even for desktop devices.

  • CDN installation

    datedropper can be installed via CDN. CDN installation is available in both a Lite and a Pro version. Optionally, the Pro version allows you to download datedropper source files.

  • Fully customizable

    datedropper offers a wide range of themes to customize your date picker's styles and color palettes. And with the theme generator, available with datedropper Pro, you can also create your own style.

  • Roundtrip

    One of the most popular features ever is finally available on datedropper. Use the roundtrip option and activate the date picker on your outward and return inputs.

  • Methods

    datedropper comes with a set of methods that have been developed to give you the chance to customize every detail and feature of your date picker.

  • Callbacks

    Should you need to perform any actions when a certain event occurs on the date picker, you can use the available callback functions.

  • Custom setups

    datedropper allows you to customize any predefined option by developing a custom setup. For instance, you can create new languages.

Get started with datedropper

datedropper is available in both a Lite and a Pro version. WordPress plugin is coming soon. Learn more about the features available in each version.

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Included features

  • Minified CDN installation
  • jQuery version
  • 1 site supported
  • 16 languages available
  • Set the date in any format
  • 2 awesome themes included
  • Calendar view
  • Basic options for customizing your date pickers


Included features

  • All the Lite features
  • Downloadable source files
  • JS version
  • White label
  • Unlimited sites supported
  • Theme generator
  • Outward and return date picker
  • Enable or disable only a predefined set of dates
  • Advanced selection of the available dates
  • Advanced options for the calendar view
  • Open the date picker as a modal window
  • Enable or disable any animations/transitions
  • Advanced options for customizing your date pickers
  • Custom triggers and events
  • Callbacks and methods
  • Custom setups
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